Orange Burn is an experienced soul-funk band in the nyc music scene


Orange Burn was formed in the fall of 2013 as a band that wanted to take all of the funk and soul that they loved and combine it with other unique melodic and harmonic influences.  They have been gigging consistently since 2014 all around NYC including The Shrine, Groove, The Way Station, Piano's, Bowery Electric, Rockwood Music Hall and more.  Orange Burn have recently recorded a five song EP which has just been released and can be found on BandCamp, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud and other platforms. 


Adam Marr - bass/bandleader

Adam Marr started playing piano at 8 years old and slowly progressed to guitar and then bass a few years later.  He's also played and has played with Squelch, Jazz Abstract, Armadillo, Jimy Young and Rusty Monks over the years. Musically he really loves playing melodically, grooving and coming up with new and exciting music that tries to be different.  He is really big into a lot of different music, especially 70's music and all types of jazz, jazz-fusion, funk, soul, R&B, rock, hard rock, classical, metal, prog and counts Jaco Pastorius, Larry Coryell, Miles Davis, Weather Report, Prince, Wayne Shorter, Miles Davis, Tommy Bolin, Herbie Hancock, George Benson, Chic, Yes, Queen, The Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, Parliament/Funkadelic, Stanley Turrentine, Ornette Coleman and many more as major influences. Outside of music he really enjoys collecting and playing vinyl, reading, following current events, watching tennis, seeing art, seeing new places and asking questions about it.

Dayna Richardson - vocals

Dayna is a singer and actor based in New York City. She grew up in Killeen, Texas and received her BA in Communications with an emphasis in Music from Baylor University. She has toured throughout Europe singing gospel music with The Original USA Gospel Singers and Band, played on various stages across the United States, including spending almost a year on the Disney Dream portraying characters like Rafiki and Maleficent. She also recently directed a gospel workshop in St. Petersburg, Russia in collaboration with GTM Ministries, Inc. at the Annenkirche Lutheran Church. She credits musical greats such as Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Gladys Knight, and Bonnie Raitt for her vocal style and love of the funk/soul genre.

Rich Formidoni - keyboards

Rich Formidoni is a lifelong synthesizer geek. Search him on YouTube for evidence. Along with his career working with keyboard companies, he's been active in the NYC funk scene since the early 2000s, having played keys with Urban Sun, Yellowcake, and a few other projects. Rich also plays guitar, bass and drums, and sometimes even pretends he can sing. You've heard his keyboard programming on tours (and Super Bowl halftime shows) with Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Fleetwood Mac, Rob Thomas, Yanni and many other artists. When he's not busy being all smug about that, Rich is into motorcycling, bowling, Brazilian steakhouses, wearing weird shirts, and horseback falconry.

Isaac Friedman - guitar

Isaac "Izzy" Friedman started playing guitar at 11 years old.  He also plays and has played with Taylor and the Apes, Octopus 2000, Revolutionary Council Afrobeat and Yellowcake. He is big into Funk, r&b, soul, neo-soul, rock n roll, classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, experimental, afrobeat, motown, jazz, hip hop and counts Nile Rodgers, Ernie Isley, Carlos Santana, Tony Iommi, Eddie Hazel, Mike Campbell, Rob Harris, Sergio Rios, Simon Bartholomew, Mikael Akerfeldt, John Baizley, Tim Sult, Bob Lanzetti, Walter Becker as his biggest influences.  He also really enjoys cooking, baking, eating, traveling, watching soccer, supporting his extended musical family, and getting down on the dance floor. 

Theo Moore - percussion

Theo Moore has been playing congas, bongos and various percussion instruments for 22 years. He has also played and has played with Jazzotree, Pittsburgh Collective, Urban Sun, Hokumfactory, Yellowcake, OTiS, Phantom Pop, JSWISS, Simple Lovers and Funkallisto. He is primarily into Motown, 70’s Funk/Soul, Fusion, Latin, World Music, Hip Hop, Classic Rock and his major influences are Eddie “Bongo” Brown, “Master” Henry Gibson, Bobbye Hall Porter, Mongo, Giovanni Hidalgo, Poncho Sanchez, Cyril Neville, Pucho Brown, Lenny Castro...  plus many others! Outside of music he really enjoys graphic art, painting, drawing, sports, travel and politics.


"The mix of collective interests of the band is very apparent, making this song nearly impossible to lump into any single genre. It’s the collaboration of so many influences that give this song such a potential wide appeal. Incredible musicianship, diverse flavors, and powerful hooking choruses give “Testify” a special sonic blend that leads me to say this; you need to drop what you are doing right now and experience this!"

- A&R Factory